There are hundreds of thousands of articles geared towards ladies' fashion, complete with instructions on how to turn a corporate dress or female suit into a more relaxed evening affair, with just a change of shoes or accessories. However, there are very few articles to help out the gentleman! 

Let's keep it simple for the gents. There are only a few rules on converting your corporate day suit into a stunning evening attention-grabber.

1) Remove your tie or bow tie completely, don't let it dangle across your chest like last night's spaghetti, nobody wants to see that

2) Don't be afraid to unbutton your shirt a little, make sure you're wearing an attention-grabbing fragrance

3) Have a back-up belt to change into, think brighter colours than traditional black, brown and white

4) Change your socks (who likes smelly feet? icky!)

5) Throw on a pair of patent (shiny) leather slippers.....and you're done!

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Keep looking your gentlemanly best, lads... Nicholas & Co.