Today we thought we'd share something a bit personal to give you all an insight into what makes us at ar-czyk tick. We asked our designer Nicholas Wlodarczyk about his desire to make shoes and when he found the passion for footwear and what maintains it.


"From a young age I can remember dreaming about shoes on a nightly basis. My cousins and I would play dress ups where we were business people working in the fashion industry, complete with magic powers of course. I would make them all sit down and design. I, of course, was the shoe designer for the label we “owned”.

As a teenager, my mother would send me into the city with her credit card to buy her the latest designs from Europe, a risky move on her behalf. It was on these city ventures that I realised my true love of shoes and the joy retail therapy can offer.

 Shoes complete an outfit. They lift a plain outfit to new heights and can take the same outfit from day to night with a simple change that makes a world of difference.

 They are something that we wear every day and can be an obsession for many. My obsession began young and has continued throughout my life. A few years ago I decided to take the next step and start the project that would become ar-czyk. If anything, starting this adventure has caused my obsession and love for footwear to grow tenfold. Shoes rarely leave my mind at present. I relish in spending my spare time with my pencil and sketchpad creating new concepts and designs.


I hope to share this obsession with all of you and bring you as much joy in wearing them as I had in creating them."


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