Turn day into night with a slipper


Turn day into night with a slipper

There are hundreds of thousands of articles geared towards ladies' fashion, complete with instructions on how to turn a corporate dress or female suit into a more relaxed evening affair, with just a change of shoes or accessories. However, there are very few articles to help out the gentleman! 

Let's keep it simple for the gents. There are only a few rules on converting your corporate day suit into a stunning evening attention-grabber.

1) Remove your tie or bow tie completely, don't let it dangle across your chest like last night's spaghetti, nobody wants to see that

2) Don't be afraid to unbutton your shirt a little, make sure you're wearing an attention-grabbing fragrance

3) Have a back-up belt to change into, think brighter colours than traditional black, brown and white

4) Change your socks (who likes smelly feet? icky!)

5) Throw on a pair of patent (shiny) leather slippers.....and you're done!

Did you know that ar-czyk shoes for the gentleman have been designed with this all in mind? Half the work is already done for you! Just visit our store (click the link above) to see what great designs we have in stock.

Keep looking your gentlemanly best, lads... Nicholas & Co.


For the love of shoes

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For the love of shoes

Today we thought we'd share something a bit personal to give you all an insight into what makes us at ar-czyk tick. We asked our designer Nicholas Wlodarczyk about his desire to make shoes and when he found the passion for footwear and what maintains it.


"From a young age I can remember dreaming about shoes on a nightly basis. My cousins and I would play dress ups where we were business people working in the fashion industry, complete with magic powers of course. I would make them all sit down and design. I, of course, was the shoe designer for the label we “owned”.

As a teenager, my mother would send me into the city with her credit card to buy her the latest designs from Europe, a risky move on her behalf. It was on these city ventures that I realised my true love of shoes and the joy retail therapy can offer.

 Shoes complete an outfit. They lift a plain outfit to new heights and can take the same outfit from day to night with a simple change that makes a world of difference.

 They are something that we wear every day and can be an obsession for many. My obsession began young and has continued throughout my life. A few years ago I decided to take the next step and start the project that would become ar-czyk. If anything, starting this adventure has caused my obsession and love for footwear to grow tenfold. Shoes rarely leave my mind at present. I relish in spending my spare time with my pencil and sketchpad creating new concepts and designs.


I hope to share this obsession with all of you and bring you as much joy in wearing them as I had in creating them."


Thanks for reading.



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Love Thy Shoes

Just a quick one today gentlemen.


It is important to know how to correctly care for your shoes to keep them looking their best. Most people take the quick and easy way out by using instant shoe colours rather than wax based polish. While these products are quick and easy, in the long run they are not good for your shoes.

To begin with, shoe trees are a great investment and will help to ensure that the shoes don’t loose there shape when not being worn. We find that the good people at woodlore.com definitely know a thing or two on this topic with natural cedar options to suit any budget and foot size.

Leather uppers require a quality wax polish which will protect the surface and will also give that great looking high shine finish. Kiwi is a great brand we trust and readily available in Australia. Ensure that the shoes are completely dry before polishing with your chosen product as moisture can affect results. Regular treatment will prolong the life of your shoes, we recommend once every two to three months at a minimum.

Leather soles unfortunately expand when wet, so when new best to avoid wet conditions as this could damage the soles beyond repair. If the soles do come in contact with moisture ensure that they are thoroughly dried away from direct sun light before wearing again. Do not dry the shoes next to a heater as this can cause the leather to blister and warp the shape of the shoe.  

There is no need to use coloured polish on patent leather. All you will require is a leather cream, the same that you would use for other leather products such as a messenger bag.

Suede should be treated with a protector spray before the first wear to protect the fibers from both water and dirt. If they do require cleaning after wearing you should use a rubber suede brush to remove any dirt. Stubborn dirt or stains can be treated with a suede shampoo.

Finally and most importantly, protect your new shoes with a waterproofing spray before the first wear to ensure lasting quality and ease of maintaining their appearance. This can be reapplied after waxing or shampooing your shoes to further protect them and extend their life.


We hope these tips keep you and your shoes looking your gentlemanly best. 

The ar-czyk team.



A gentleman in the Orient

This past October our creative director and designer, Nicholas Wlodarczyk, travelled to southern China for his first bi-annual trip to meet with the people who make his designs a reality and to oversee production firsthand. The center of production is Dongguan. Dongguan is a city based completely on the shoe production industry. Production in China over the last few years has changed as companies seeking cheaper production move further south and west, and with many European fashion houses finding it harder to source qualified people in their own countries, has allowed China to change its image when it comes to quality. Many smaller and quality manufacturers are springing up across the nation, and especially in Dongguan. 

Nicholas experienced what it takes to create his designs. Shoes are not a simple object to make. Every part of a shoe has a different supplier, from the leather to tanning to soles, laces, even the materials that hold a shoe together. Many people aid the making of a shoe.

ar-czyk is created by hand in a small factory lead by Mr Gee, a fantastic Chinese national who knows everything there is to know about the design and creation of footwear products.

 While abroad our designer was privileged to visit a few suppliers such as the leather markets, where he started to gather leather and fabric inspiration for our next season, Winter 2015. The leather market is an extraordinary place where anything you can imagine they will have. The intoxicating smell of leather whiffs through the corridors creating an exotic and inspiring atmosphere and experience. 

Truly an inspiring experience.